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The Sourena V. Group is a results oriented boutique consulting and executive coaching firm comprised of a team of professionals who offer small business owners, management, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and thought leaders proven strategies designed to transform and elevate them to previously only imaginable heights.

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Serving Everybody

It’s a question that is asked often and by many. It is the search to discover the purpose of our lives. We ask, “why am I here? What is my purpose?” We search for the answer. And we search and we [...]

The Art of Learning

In order to become amazing, you must always learn. The more amazing a person is, the more they admit that there is much more to learn. If you don’t believe me just ask a fifteen-year-old how much [...]

Process Killers

For any goal there is a process. The process involves integral steps. Some steps are motivating. Some are inspiring. Some are scary. Some are boring. And, some, you just don’t want to do. [...]

You are unique.

This is a statement that has been repeated many times in many ways.  But really there is truth in it. So, again, I say, “you are unique.” Now, let that thought sink in.  I mean really think about [...]


Exactly twenty years ago, I was in community college, and I was in my first official funk.  At that age any funk is devastating, and you think it is the end of the world. I must admit that I [...]

Mini Whys

Motivation is a big part of an amazing life and success.  However, there are challenges, limitations, bad days, problems, and a slew of other factors that get in the way of amazing success. [...]

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