Activities That Lead To An Amazing Life

There are four main buckets of activities that can lead to an amazing life. The way that you approach these buckets can empower you. They are: professional, personal, growth, and miscellaneous.


Whether you are an entrepreneur or you have a 9-to-5 job, the better that you execute the task, the more likely you are to grow and excel. What are the key projects that you need to execute?


We all have friends and family who require our love and attention. We need to put time and energy into these relationships in order for them to grow. The better we interact with our friends and loved ones, the more that we can enjoy them. Personal relationships are one of the most precious assets that we, as human beings, have.


If we don’t grow ourselves as human beings, we will never achieve our potential and the amazing life that we desire. This may include reading books, working on our psychological barriers, working on our limitations, dreaming and, even, sleeping. When we are busy, the first thing that gets pushed to the side is personal growth. We can easily justify that we don’t have time or we have other priorities. However, personal growth needs to be at the top of the list because it helps us in every aspect of life. Doing so will give you more confidence in yourself and it will strengthen you.


There are activities that we just need to do. For example, if we do not pay taxes we risk going to jail. If we don’t pay our bills, we get a lower FICO score. If we don’t get a haircut, we will have a sloppy appearance. And, if we don’t call customer service, we may continue to have problems with our internet service, cable or whatever is the source of our discontent.

For each of these buckets there are many activities that you need to produce and the better you produce in these areas, the more likely you are to excel. Most people innately understand the value of executing each task. However, there are two critical factors that are always in conflict. Those two factors are priorities and distractions. Under each of the buckets are priorities. Under the professional bucket ask yourself, “what are the critical priorities or projects that will help me move forward?” Under the growth bucket ask yourself, what are the critical activities that will move you forward? These statements might seem easy. However, in order to create amazing, these need to be looked at almost with a microscope. Under personal ask yourself, “am I really having healthy relationships? Do I spend time with the right people? Are the people in my life helping me grow or are they holding me back?” In the professional bucket ask yourself, “am I really working on the projects that will move me forward? Am I giving it my full effort or do I mail it in sometime?” These can be powerful questions that can get you on the path to amazing.


In order to achieve amazing success, it is important to focus on the four buckets that will lead you to a fulfilling life. Professional, personal, growth and miscellaneous are the four buckets of activity types that will allow you to focus on moving forward and developing your success. It should be part of your goals to make each of these categories a priority as your grow in your success.

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