Be Disciplined

Distractions play a part in how well you execute on the four buckets of activities: professional, personal, growth and miscellaneous.  Every day we face more and more distractions.  Our friends, our phones, social media, competing projects, and other shiny objects get in the way of productivity.  It takes discipline to work on the activities that move us forward.  Instead of being seduced by distractions, you need to focus activities that drive you in the direction of your goals.

Saying you have priorities and saying that you have discipline is not enough.  Your actions must be consistent with your words. Our true priorities are dictated by our time, by our dollars and by our attention. In order to become amazing, you need to focus your time and actually put your priorities on a calendar and commit to your actions without distractions.  In your priorities, what are the tasks that you need to produce?  Commit the time by putting it on a calendar.  Commit your energy by not being distracted by activities that are not priorities.

Oftentimes, distractions have a very clever disguise. What seems like a priority is actually a distraction. To add another layer, what seems to be a priority in the morning may be a distraction in the evening.  For example, taking a work call is a priority during your work hours.  However, taking that call right before dinner is a distraction.

Every priority needs its own time and focus.  As you become more amazing, the opportunities that you are presented with may increase and these priorities may be enticing.  As you explore these new opportunities, make sure that you don’t neglect your true priorities or obligations.  You can easily justify neglecting your sleep, your opportunities for growth, your health, a little family time or anything that could contribute to a well-balanced life. It is impossible to have a perfect balance in your life. There are times when you have to go on a business trip or work late or meet a client for dinner.  In the short run, you may forgo time with your family or friends or may forgo an exercise regimen. However, find a way to make it up. 

When you give time and energy to a distraction, you are taking time away from a priority.  In order to live an amazing life, you must focus time and energy.  Your priorities include the professional, the personal, the growth, and the miscellaneous.  The more you focus energy and time, the more likely you are to achieve your goals.

The goal is to find and exploit the small opportunities that will get you on the path to amazing.  You must be clear on your vision and your dreams.  Your dreams should excite you every day.  You should spend focused time on the activities that actually move you towards your goal.  Every goal needs its dedicated time and focus.  If you are not dedicating your time and energy to your priorities then they are not truly important. 

Opportunities are everywhere.  However, to truly take advantage of the opportunities that will ultimately lead you to your dreams takes a disciplined and systematic approach.

The goal is to have habits that are positive and have an impact on all areas.  If you neglect personal growth, including learning, reading, getting over a psychological barrier, then you carry those negative habits with the relationship with your colleagues at work, you children, and more.  However, if you learn what it takes to have positive habits, you are more prepared to approach any situation.  Nothing will change unless your habits and routines change.


Having discipline in all that you do is a key to having amazing success. The ability to have discipline for priorities and ignore distractions is important to forming positive habits and routines. Doing this will assist you in reaching your strongest potential.

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