Dealing With Problems In The Right Way

For about ten days, I was not hearing texts come in on my iPhone. I would look at my iPhone and realize that I had missed a text. For ten days, I wondered what was wrong. I had my wife, Leslie, look at it and she could not figure it out. Every time I missed a text it was annoying me. Finally, I went to my computer and typed in iPhone text no sound. Within a minute, I found a solution. I asked Leslie to text me. And, boom, I heard the sound.
The solution took fewer than 90 seconds.
Part of reaching amazing success is the way that you deal with problems. After all, success is dealing with problems in a positive way to get what we want. I wanted my iPhone to ring and not miss a text.
There are limitations, roadblocks, challenges and psychological blocks that have an impact on how amazing we can become. However, what separates amazing people is their willingness to deal with whatever gets in the way. Amazing people look at challenges, not as something that holds them back, but rather as a puzzle that needs to be solved.
Although the solution to my iPhone issue was simple and took fewer than 90 seconds to solve, the process is the same as any other challenge. It doesn’t matter how big or how small the challenge is, the process is the same.
First, identify the issue. Second, ask yourself what a solution would look like. Third, plan out steps. Fourth, produce the results.
No matter what, we have all been there. We have all dealt with problems. However, once we resolve the problems, we feel like idiots. This may be as simple as going to Google and typing iPhone texts sound not working. It may be having a tough conversation. It might even be an entrepreneur getting rid of a problem employee. If we don’t take care of these problems, we will stunt our ability to be amazing.
This method works for a small issue or a bigger issue. It works in business. It works in relationships. I’m not implying that this is an easy process. The bigger the goals, the more involved this process will be.
Let me know your thoughts.

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