Happy New Year’s from The Sourena V. Group

Wow, 2017 was a great year at The Sourena V. Group, and 2018 will be the best year ever. We spent the last year setting up processes for online products, and in 2018 our promise to you is to give you valuable content so that you can live an amazing life.

Our mission is to empower people to take control of their own destiny through motivation, coaching, and teaching. We accomplish this through videos, writing, blogs, books, FaceBook Live, and live events.

Who We Are

I want to take a couple of sentences and reintroduce you to our wonderful team.

My name is Sourena Vasseghi. I was born with cerebral palsy, but I always had big dreams. I also do not want to accept or cannot accept that my disability prevents me from accomplishing whatever I want in life. I use a wheelchair to get around. My body and brain don’t communicate that well, and I speak with a speech impediment that is akin to a foreign accent. I have built a team that helps me with the business, and, more importantly, they help with my challenges to reach amazing success. Personally, I’m a father of two beautiful boys, Andrew and Tyler, a husband to my lovely wife, Leslie, and a partner in crime to many. I have friendships that have lasted over twenty-five years. I am curious about sports, business, politics, and life. Don’t worry, I don’t mix politics with work. That’s something that I discuss with my wonderful father. I attribute all my success to my own dogged work, and more importantly, the people who help me become amazing. My parents taught me that I could have an amazing life despite any challenges that I might face. I want to pass those blessings to the people that I serve.

Now, I want to introduce you to Chris Stevenson who is an internationally recognized speaker in the fitness industry. Chris started out as a stuntman for the Power Ranger series. He later opened up his own fitness studio in Oak Park, California. On a whim, I asked him if he wanted to be part of my speaking team and now we work together and play together. He is engaging, and he is awesome at conveying my message because he lives the principles that are the basis of The Sourena V. Group. Lastly, he is just a good guy. He grew up in Cleveland and has a Midwestern charm.

Next, is my right-hand woman, Jamila Dulan who is a coach and business manager at The Sourena V. Group. She pushes me to be the best person that possible. Every time she comes into the office and she says good morning I know it’s time to work even if I was out late last night and the night before. She also does client and sponsor outreach.

Lastly, I have an amazing group of virtual assistants and coaches all over the world who help me do the stuff that I just don’t want to or know how to do.
We all believe in hard work, personal accountability, working through your challenges, and finding a way.

Please connect with us through social media and we would love to help you become amazing.

Together let’s make 2018 amazing.

Sourena Vasseghi, CEO The Sourena V. Group

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