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Last week, I wrote a long post about the process of achieving your goals. I want to expound on the concept of your limitations. To recap, everybody has limitations that they assume only they have. Furthermore, they tell themselves that nobody will understand their limitations. In the past, I have looked around and saw that nobody around me is in a wheelchair or nobody around me needs as much assistance as I do. Technically, this is true. Technically, your limitations get in the way of what you want. A diabetic has to regulate their insulin. A working parent has to balance their professional and personal obligations. I have to balance the needs of my personal life with the challenges that I have to face minute-by-minute. Traditionally, it is taught that we have to ignore and focus on the possibilities. While you should focus on the possibilities, you should also focus on weaving in your challenges into the process. The irony is that, when you engage with your challenges in a positive way, you are building character, moxie and developing skills which you can apply to other aspects of your life. One reason that I can build a team, write with authority, and inspire people is because I learned to deal with my disability. Oftentimes, because I cannot hustle or constantly run around, I have time to think. This led to writing and speaking. When I was in college, it would frustrate me that I could not interact with the material the way others could. I could not write things down. I needed everything read to me. However, this led to developing listening skills and analytic skills that are the cornerstone of my professional life. These are blessings.
I used to get frustrated and angry at my disability and did not understand that dealing with the disability would pay off. I did not fathom that, because I could not interact with the material in college, it would lead to hundreds of blog posts, publishing books, coaching, as well as speaking and presenting online.
A major factor in engaging your limitations is the narrative that you tell yourself about what is possible in life. This narrative needs to be challenged. When you are working on your limitations, you need to engage in this narrative in order to achieve amazing success.

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