Are you looking for a speaker who can engage and energize an audience? Well, the professional speakers at the Sourena V. Group are talented and captivating orators who can entertain your audience while still delivering an impactful message. Connect with our team to experience a truly moving and stimulating presentation.



VIP Coaching – Inspire, Motivate, Transform

Sourena’s experience of finding success in the face of unyielding obstacles have given him an infectious can-do attitude that he shares with you. He has pushed past his limitations and found an amazing life. He believes that you, too, can achieve your amazing. When you work with Sourena and his team you are inspired to meet your  challenges head-on with determination, grit, and resilience. The Sourena V. Group does more than just coach you. They motivate you to  fight through your challenges, meet adversity with might, and take action.
You are moved to be courageous as you transform your life. Join now to experience the freedom of an amazing life.


Accountability Coaching

Getting the extraordinary life that you want depends upon you embracing the ordinary. To be extraordinary you must strive for excellence in the ordinary. We believe that you have the power to conquer the obstacles in your life. We believe in your ability to reach your dreams. Our team teaches you to dedicate yourself to your dreams, be deliberate in  your actions, and be responsible for your destiny. A spark is ignited in you to take charge and determine the course of your life.

Join now to experience the freedom of an amazing life.




Lifestyle Wellness Coaching

Life can be challenging. Balancing work, family, friends, and fun can be difficult. The Sourena V. Group believes that life should be fun. Life should be lived in the moment and to its absolute fullest. The Sourena V. Group, along with Chris Stevenson and Stevenson Fitness, is on a mission to help you reclaim your life. When you are coached by our team you will learn to both define and find your balance. Your life is impacted in a meaningful and life-changing way. You are taught to be present and you are given steps to help you achieve a more well and balanced life. This is you – renewed and refreshed. Join now to experience the freedom of an amazing life.

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