The Art of Decision Making

Back in the spring, my son, Andrew, who is now five, started playing soccer. The first season, it was just boys his age running around and kicking the ball. However, this fall, he started playing real games. The first couple of games, Andrew wanted to give up. He claimed that it was too hard. He had a talk with his grandmother, and she told him that life was not always easy. He is used to playing all the time and asking whoever if he can have their phone. We were not going to let him quit. We decided that he was going to continue. Now, he likes it, and frequently scores goals.

The reason why many goals don’t go anywhere is because achieving goals is challenging. If it weren’t, most people would live out their dreams. When we set goals, we are excited about the possibilities. When the work comes or when there is any sense of discomfort, many people quit.

One factor that can get you to your goals is to let go of decision making. In the past, I assumed that, if I wanted to become successful, I needed to make all the decisions myself. I was always worried that I would make the wrong decisions and that there might have been a better path that I could have chosen.

Just like I took the decision out of my son’s hands, there are decisions for my business that I needed to delegate. I delegate graphic design, writing copy, social media, marketing strategy and other activities to my team. This frees me up to focus on writing, creating, content and it keeps me in my lane. It also makes my life and my business a lot easier.

The more successful you are, the more decisions that you have to make. Every wildly successful person has a team of people that helps make decisions for them. A quarterback has his coach to implement the game plan, a nutritionist to implement a meal schedule, a trainer to implement a workout routine, and even a financial consultant to handle the money.

There are a handful of people who can make you amazing. To become amazing, you want to empower the right people and delegate some of these decisions.

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