Are you worried about conventional wisdom?

When I was younger, I watched my parents hustle their way to a comfortable life. I grew up in the ‘80s and the ‘90s. When I went to business school at USC, hard work was assumed. That way of thinking scared me a little. The reason that it scared me was not because I was not willing to do the hard work. It was because my disability got in the way of hustle and other factors that I assumed I needed to achieve amazing success.

As I started learning about success and I started creating my career, there were activities that my disability made exponentially more challenging or impossible. Although I was scared, I was up for the challenge.

Over the last few years, I have been looking at what makes people successful and what people do wrong. This year I came to a conclusion that, in order to become amazing and make a dream come true, we have to have a well-balanced life.

Instead of hustling all of the time, take time to think. I am rereading Experts Secrets by Russell Brunson. In it, he tells a story about Tim Ferris drinking coffee and just spending time thinking about his next big idea. In fact, if you look at my day, I spend tons of time watching sports talk and tons of time driving my chair around my block. I wonder what my neighbors think. I really don’t care. I also need about two hours a day just in bed. However, during that time, the wheels in my head are turning. I think about marketing angles, business processes, and what I want to write next. I am scheming up new ideas. I am asking myself how can I serve. I am asking myself what ideas will help me get to my dreams. When I am on vacation, playing with my kids and even having a cocktail I am doing the same thing. And, I love it. It works for me.

So often we want to fit in a box. There are as many ways to become amazing as there are amazing people. The funny thing is I would never recommend to my clients that they should watch tv or run around the block or lie down. It works for me because I focus my thoughts and actions onto my goal. There are times when my process looks like any other process. When I am in the office I send emails, I take calls, and I dictate blog posts.

The bottom line is there are so many valuable pieces of advice. It’s up to you to take that advice and couple it with your talents and create your version of amazing. Let your gifts shine. If I took a conventional path, I would probably would not get to my destination.


Everyone has different methods to focus in on goals. What works for one person, doesn’t always work for another. It is important to look deeply and figure out what works best for your personal mindset, so that you can have the utmost creativity and impact on your path to amazing success.

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